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Cut-out Cookies

Florentines- Delicate lace Italian cookie (with a hint of orange), sandwiched with Semisweet Chocolate per  dozen... 15.00

Almond Biscotti- Italian Biscuit cookie with slivered almonds, dipped in white chocolate per dozen.. 14.00

Almond Espresso Biscotti- Espresso Italian biscuit cookie with toasted almonds & dipped in semisweet chocolate per dozen... 14.00 

Chocolate Almond Biscotti- Chocolate Italian biscuit cookie with toastedalmonds & dipped in White or Semi-sweet chocolate per dozen...14.00

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Specialty Cookies

Petite Cut-out Sugar Cookies - No décor........$6.00 dozen

Large Cut-out Sugar Cookies - No décor.......$12.00 dozen

Petite Cut-out Sugar Cookies - Royal Icing...$12.00 dozen

Large Cut-out Sugar Cookies - Royal Icing....$24.00 dozen

Chocolate Moments - Petite chocolate cookie,

drizzled with dark & white chocolate...............$8.00 dozen

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies- Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips & Pecans, drizzled with chocolate-....24.00 dozen 

Chewy Cherry Chunk Cookies- Montmorency Cherries, {Semi-Sweet, Milk Chocolate, & White Chocolate Chips}, Pecans, and drizzled with White Chocolate. ...24.00 dozen

Iced Oatmeal Cookies- (With or without raisins), & Pecans, Drizzled with icing...21.00 dozen

Peanut Butter Cookies-drizzled with Semi-Sweet Chocolate ... 21.00 dozen


Chocolate Sandwich Crèmes- 1 1/4" Petite Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies filled with buttercream per dozen... 12.00

Shortbread Cookies – Plain-1 1/2 inch square per dozen ... 6.00

Shortbread Cookies – Chocolate Dipped-1 1/2 inch square- per dozen. ..8.00

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies- Plain-1 1/2 inch square per dozen...6.00

Dipped Chocolate Shortbread Cookies- 1 1/2 inch square dipped with White or Dark Chocolate per dozen...8.00

Pecan Sables-1 1/2 " Pecan butter cookie squares per dozen...8.00

Pecan Sables-1 1/2 " Pecan butter cookie squares dipped in chocolate- per dozen...9.00

Cardamom Butter Squares- 1 1/2" Cardamom butter cookies drizzled with espresso & vanilla Icing per dozen...7.00

Wedding Cookies- Round butter cookies with pistachios & cherries, rolled in confectioners' sugar per dozen...7.00

Lemon Meltaways- Delicate butter cookie with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, & dusted with confectioners’sugar per dozen...6.00 

Orange Meltaways- Delicate butter cookie with fresh orange juice, orange zest, & dusted with confectioners’sugar per dozen...6.00